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CBD Leaf

With so many flavours out there, it can be difficult to choose what the best one for you is. Whether you’re in to sweet or savoury, subtle blends or strong single hitters, it can be an overwhelming world of vapes. CBD Leaf e liquid is just one of many different CBD vape companies yet is unique in its applications and tastes. Whether you use their Amsterdam Space Cake or Giggly Grape, CBD Leaf is available from Washington Vapes in great value 50 ml packs. It’s easy to see why CBD Leaf are fast becoming one of the most popular cannabidiol vape companies on the market today.

How is CBD vape oil made?

CBD, or cannabidiol is a chemical found in the cannabis and hemp plant, making up to 40 percent of the plants extract. An abundance of CBD is cultivated in the plant, and the strain is grown so that there is more CBD than THC, it’s psychoactive chemical affiliate in cannabis plants. The CBD chemical is extracted and turned into an oil, before being infused into the vape juice ingredients.

The CBD infused vape juice is comprised of the same elements as a normal e juice then but have CBD oil infused into the propylene glycol as opposed to other flavourings. That being said, you can find cannabidiol e liquid with other flavours added in.

Washington Vapes sells a range of different CBD Leaf juices, all with their own unique tastes and an energising blend of oils and flavours. Whether it’s their frozen lychee or tasty Watermelon Splash, you’ll find that CBD juices are just as diverse as other hemp free e juices. CBD Leaf vape juices also come in a range of PG VG ratios, giving you even more flexibility and choice in the way you vape with it. Whether you’re into cloud chasing or in it for the throat hit, there’ll be a CBD Leaf vape juice for you.