CBD Treatment for Ailments: To Vape or Not to Vape?

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If you’re a long-term sufferer of a physical condition, then depending on precisely what that condition is, you’re more than likely to follow a regime of some of treatment to help alleviate its symptoms. Now, in most cases, this treatment’s likely to take the form of medication (tablets or cream, say). However, increasingly so, thanks to ever-increasing research and knowledge of how best to treat different conditions, it make the form of something else entirely. Indeed, nowadays, cannabidiol (or CBD) oils and other CBD products have become popular choices for treating a variety of different conditions, as well as managing those conditions potential side-effects.

Now, traditionally, CBD oil’s taken orally, or via the likes sprays or even it’s often rubbed into the skin (like an aforementioned cream). Yet, as technology and research has advanced in this field, a CBD vape – that is, yes, vaping CBD – is becoming more and more recognised as a highly effective way to get the best possible benefits from CBD’s goodness.

Why is ingesting CBD oil not ideal?

First things first; when you ingest CBD, as with many oral medications, only a fixed level of the CBD will ever successfully enter your system. And that’s because CBD’s a hydrophobic compound; it doesn’t like mixing with water, just as oil doesn’t. So, ingesting CBD will see it quickly leave the bloodstream and enter the body’s fat deposits; not good. Indeed, a good number of studies suggest approximately only 15 percent of CBD ingested orally is ever properly absorbed and, therefore, used effectively by the body.

Additionally, the body itself isn’t best suited to ingesting CBD oil. This is because, when it’s ingested it’ll inevitably pass through your liver, which means a percentage of the CBD oil is going to be flushed out of your system – and eventually out of the body altogether. Because of this, you can’t be sure the body will ingest and keep and get the most possible out of the CBD you ingest every time. Plus, ingesting it’s a slow way to get the most out of it – and it’s unpredictable how long it’ll actually take, given you have to factor in the unpredictability of CBD oil metabolising in your stomach and liver, due to various different variables, following ingestion and before it gets to the part of the body it needs to.

What’s CBD oil used for?

Fundamentally, CBD’s greatest treatment-oriented asset is as a reliable (natural) pain reliever. Especially given that, for most people, it doesn’t bring on the side-effects that synthetic pain-relievers can like nausea, dizziness, loss of appetite, addiction and so on.

Recent research also suggests that CBD oil may be successful for many smokers in getting off the ciggies – and for good. Indeed, one article outlines how smokers who’ve used inhalers containing CBD resulted in smoking fewer cigarettes – and without additional cravings for nicotine. Plus, CBD oils are now often used by sufferers of epilepsy, mental health conditions, diabetes, acne, cancer, among many further conditions.

If ingesting CBD oil isn’t the best way to experience its effects, what is?

One word: vaping. By using an e-cig device (bought from a vape shop UK or any other well-reviewed, relevant retailer) to inhale CBD oil transformed into vapour, people are increasingly finding it a more effective way to get the goodness from the oil while bypassing the loss of a critical proportion of the oil during ingestion (i.e. to the liver during digestion). This is because, when a vaporiser’s used for CBD treatment, its essential and beneficial compounds enter the bloodstream not in time but practically straight away, via the lungs. Indeed, statistics even suggest four times more CBD enters the bloodstream via vaping compared to ingestion – almost a 50-60 percent absorption rate.

What’s the significance of a 50-60 percent absorption rate?

Simply, it means that, thanks to the efficacy of CBD vaping via CBD ingestion, using the former process enables you cut down at least 50 percent of the CBD oil you use for treatment – because around half is all you’ll need, as vaping is twice as effective for CBD treatment as ingestion (mostly, because it’s so much faster; very important if, for pain relief reasons, you’re on the lookout for pretty instant results from CBD oil).

That said; it’s important to remember that with CBD oil treatment, as with any medication when you’re starting out with it, you’re best advised to take it slow so err on the side of caution – after all, as pointed out there’s no need to rush out and start vaping the same strength and amount of CBD oil that you may have been previously ingesting, for whatever treatment reason.

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