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Pukka Juice

Pucker up for Pukka E juice, one of the most vibrant vape companies out there today. If you’re looking for a great juice to vape the day away, there’s no better company than Pukka Juice E Liquid. A UK brand through and through, Pukka Juice have won multiple awards through the years for the amazing flavours and diverse range of vape juices.

These vape juices are bursting with flavour and bring a range of original and tasty vape juices to suit every level of vaper. With a range of different juice ranges to try, the Pukka Juice collection becomes ever more extensive every year.

Pukka Dessert Range

The Pukka Dessert range brings home grown dessert flavours into the 50 ml game. These vape juices come in short fill bottles, ensuring that you have the chance to add your own nicotine if you so wish. Shortfill vape bottles are vape juices which allow for an extra 20 percent space of the bottle to be empty. This gives you space to add your own nicotine and gives you more freedom over your vaping and throat hit. The dessert range mixes nicotine free vape juice with the smooth tastes of Pink Donut, Lemon Drizzle and Orange Tart.

60 ml bottles

The 60 ml bottles of vape juice from Pukka Juice are an innovative new juice which allows you even more space for your short fills. The 60 ml bottles bring with them a great range of flavours, including Blackcurrant which brings a hint of lime into the mix, Summer Fruits, Mango and the all new Mountain Dew flavour, which brings the fizz of the famous soft rink right into your vape cloud! The 60 ml bottles are also available in 50 ml, which Washington Vapes are proud to stock as some of their most sought-after products.