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The top e juice brand from Malaysia have brought their signature juices to the Western hemisphere, giving us a great range of vape flavours which will blow minds the world over. The Nasty brand focus on award winning vape juice flavours, having won countless awards across the world. This truly innovative brand has brought their vape juices to the British North East through Washington Vapes and give those further afield a chance to buy online. Whether you’re looking for an innovative flavour or an age-old classic, Nasty always have a trick up their sleeve.
Nasty nicotine salts

One of the innovative products sold by Nasty Juice e liquid, is their vape juices infused with nicotine salt. These vape juices shed the standardised process of freebasing, leaving the nicotine element of the vape juice to exist in its most natural form. Nicotine salts use benzoic acid to lessen the PH of the vape juice and lower the temperature at which it will vaporise. This all means that higher nicotine concentrations will provide a smoother hit, making these juices a must for the ex-smoker looking for more nicotine over vapour production. All of this just goes to show the level of innovation that Nasty E juices go to to satisfy their customers.