Box Mods Vs Mechanical Mods – What Is Right For You?

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Vaping has always been a game of many choices. Finding the right device to suit your needs is a case of trying and testing. One thing we all know is that once you’re done with the primitive cigalikes, the options become a lot more complicated and a lot more down to your personal preference. Whether it’s due to you being on the go a lot, or one type of device suiting your favourite juice, finding that perfect vape device to hit your sweet spot, is key to your enjoyment as a longer-term vaper.

Vape devices come in many shapes and sizes, but two general way to categorise the more complex ones is in box and mechanical mods. These new generation vape devices are often cutting edge and are often versatile. Below is everything you need to know about them.

Box Mod

The Box Mod is the most common type of vape device on the market today. These devices are boxier variable wattage and voltage devices and usually come with an LED screen and fire button. These devices will often be found as drippers, or devices which can have e liquid dripped right onto the atomiser or with their own tank.

Common traits

One of the main features of all box mods is that they hold a circuit board which is regulated by a computer chip in the device. This means that when it comes to playing with temperature controls and power input and output, the device will do most of the work for you, ensuring that you can find the wattage you want with minimal ohms law calculating.

Who are they suited for?

With these being available in many of the best vape shops in the UKyou’ll find that box mods are most popular with casual but experienced users. The vaper who wants a quick pick me up but likes to change it up a little with their power settings. The box mod is therefore suited to the everyday vape user and enthusiast who wants and easy yet high level hit.

Mechanical mods

Mechanical mods differ from box mods in that they have no formal electronic circuitry. These devices use a battery to heat the atomiser and vaporise the e liquid. You hit the power button and that’s about it. With no fancy circuitry, mech mods keep it simple but powerful regarding their internal components.

Common traits

One of the most attractive traits of the box mod is in its simplicity and rebuildable parts. With no regulated circuits, you can add any coil, atomiser and battery together to optimise your device for that perfect hit. This makes mechanical mods a lot more DIY and require you to know what components work with what.

Who are they suited for?

Simply put, the mechanical mod is suited to the experienced vaper looking to take matters into their own hands. These vape devices can easily short circuit, so make sure you know your way around battery power and DIY circuit building if you plan to play with mech mods.

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