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  • Steeping e-juice: what it’s all about – the whys and hows

    You wouldn’t think of drinking a truly fine wine or a bourbon you know needs to be aged straightaway, would you? You’d allow both to sit and mature so they reach their optimum taste before you indulge in them. In that case, why would you vape high-quality e juice UK immediately? Why wouldn’t you want to extract the most fantastic flavour possible from it by allowing to sit, mature and reach its perfect state? That’s what steeping is all about.

    Patience is a virtue, as the saying goes, so here’s all you need to know about steeping to get the very best out of your e liquid UK…


    So, what is steeping?

    Essentially, steeping is the act of putting ...read more

  • Vaping on the quiet: the ins and outs of stealth vaping

    Let’s face it; it makes little sense why people should be prejudiced against vaping, but they are. Especially as, in the last few years, a UK Government-backed scientific body has come to the conclusion that, after rigorous study, vaping is 95 percent less harmful to the human body than smoking a tobacco-packed cigarette. And yet still more and more public establishments (workplaces, restaurants, pubs, bars and shops among them) are banning the opportunity on their premises to vape e-juice bought from a vapor shop UK (or wherever).

    Unfortunately, a side-effect of this climate that’s splitting public opinion down the middle and creating two sepa ...read more

  • Wedding etiquette: where, what and how to vape at a wedding

    It’s springtime and summer’s now just around the corner – thank goodness! – and for millions of people, this often means one thing, in particular: weekends taken up by attending weddings. Yes, the wedding season is well and truly upon us all, which is, by and large, a lovely, heartening thing. And yet, for vapers, it throws up something of a quandary – what’s the etiquette of vaping at a wedding? Vaping remains such a relatively new phenomenon that the hard-and-fast rules and less stringent rules (and where acceptability at such a social function blurs) aren’t well regarded, if understood and appreciated at all. So, if you’re a vaper and will be attending a wedding in the coming weeks, h ...read more

  • Evolution and realignment? The short history of vaping

    Since its humble beginnings, vaping has concerned itself with aiding smokers trying to kick their tobacco habit to live healthier lives. That said, an evolution of technology has seen the industry diversify and satisfy the different kinds of vaper out there – yet, now it seems like there could be something of a realignment to vaping’s ‘true’ purpose. So, what’s going on…?


    The origins of the e-cig

    Arguably the first device that could be considered an e-cigarette was created by Herbert Gilbert in 1965, who envisaged it as a ‘smokeless non-tobacco cigarette’ that would mimic the act of smoking a cigarette, but obviously without breathing in all t ...read more

  • Vaping in the workplace: the pros and cons and issues around it

    No doubt about it; the UK is become increasingly health conscious, which is surely something to celebrate. Not least because, slowly, it’s seeing more and more people quitting smoking each year. And one of the most effective – and so most popular – methods smokers are choosing to get themselves off carcinogenic ciggies is to turn vaping via e-cig devices. Practical and reliable, as well as perceived as cool; vaping’s popularity is easy to understand (especially as it’s dramatically, even negligibly harmful when compared to smoking), yet it’s not all rosy – because what happens when vapers enter the workplace?


    Vaping vs. smoking in the workplace

    ...read more

  • Is it time to lower your nicotine levels?

    Yes, it’s a less dangerous alternative to smoking, but is the nicotine content of your vape juice having a negative effect on you?

     Most people start vaping because they want to cut down on cigarettes but still enjoy their nicotine intake. THis means that, depending on the amount you smoked before, you’ll be choosing a specific strength of nicotine in your vape juice, or adding your own to nicotine free juice. Whilst nicotine is not the most unhealthy thing in tobacco, it is still addictive and, in large quantities still can have negative effects. It goes without saying then, that the less you take in the better, and the better your chances of quitting altog ...read more

  • Why Tobacco And Menthol Flavour E Juice Is Great For Beginners

    Starting out in the vaping game can be very daunting. That’s why we thought we’d help you take that first step.

    With so many vape juice flavours out there, it can be difficult to find the one which suits your needs and tastes. Even some of the most avid vapers have been searching for years for a vape juice which suits them, resulting in endless searches in vape shops up and down the country. One thing which can be kept simple for the new vaper, especially those who are weening themselves off smoking tobacco, is the fact that they can opt for tobacco and menthol flavou ...read more

  • How Bad Storage Affects E Liquid Quality

    There are  many ways that e liquid can be spoiled, bad storage methods is just one of them.

     Storing your e liquid improperly can lead to a range of disastrous consequences. We all know how some e liquids need to be steeped, in the same way that a good bottle of wine needs to be kept, sometimes for years. Whilst no one would be expected to store their e liquid for that long, storage methods are still important when it comes to getting the perfect vape juice. If you’re looking to refine your vaping tastes, here are a few tips of what not to do.

    ...read more

  • The Never-Ending Struggle Of Picking The Right Vape Juice

    Everybody has different tastes, so finding the right vape juice to suit your needs can often leave you stalemated.

    Vape juices are known for being wide ranging and ever changing. With so many companies now making e juices, there are plenty to choose from. And whilst that is great for the thriving industry, it also means that there’s a lot on the vapers shoulders when it comes to choosing the flavour to suit them. It’s not just flavour choice either, there are a range of other factors to keep in mind which will affect what you pick. Below are the important factors for a vape consumer to keep in mind when browsing in their favourite UK vapor shop.

    Ex-smoker?...read more

  • Could my e liquid damage my vape device?

    You’d be surprised at the damage that dodgy vape juiceS can do to your device.

    E juices and e liquids are designed to go hand in hand, to work together and therefore not lead to any damaging effects on either you or your health. You’d think it’d be as simple as that and would go for any piece of technology. Why design headphones which could break your MP3 player, or petrol for your car which could gut its innards? When it comes to vape juice, the same can be asked for faulty or counterfeit e juices. Below are some of the signs to watch out for, and the damage that counterfeit vape juices could do to your device.

    ...read more

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