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  • Top Tips For Coil Beginners

    Coils can be difficult to get right, but can save you a lot of money when you do.

    Vape coils are just one of several components which you can find in the everyday vape device. These small pieces of wire may seem irrelevant, or like they play a small part in the wider functioning of a vape device, but when it comes to the crunch, the coil is one of the most important parts of your cloud chasing experience. Ensuring that it is well looked after and kept in good condition will mean your vaping satisfaction is prolonged and your value for money is gained. It’s easy to overlook the coil as a beginner, but below are just some of the tips you need to know when maintaining and replac ...read more

  • Keeping Your Coil In Good Condition

    Coils are one of the most crucial components in a vape device, making them important to keep in good nick.

    Vape devices simply wouldn’t work without these dinky pieces of metal. Coils come in all shapes and sizes and act as the main artery for the electricity inside a vape device, modulating the resistance flowing through your vape device. Put simply, a vape device won’t work without a coil, whilst you will almost definitely have to replace them every month or so, you can make sure that the change around isn’t weekly by following a few simple steps.


    Cleaning your coil

    Like with all other parts of the vape device, the coil wi ...read more

  • Mods Of The Month

    Mods come out week after week, so keeping up can leave you out of breath.

    That’s why we’ve compiled a monthly selection of the best mods on the market. Whether it’s great reviews or killer tech which is hot on the market, there’s plenty out there to keep you going. If you’re looking for your sub ohm saviour or a great taste titan, then these new mods and the components they come with will definitely float your boat. With mods becoming easier to use than ever before, it’s no surprise that you’ll find first timers and vape veterans alike sharing sub ohms and swapping flavours. Whatever your tastes, there’s a vape mod for you at our UK vape shop.


    ...read more
  • Why Temperature Control Vaping Is Great For Beginners

    Vapings rise in popularity and its success in overtaking the tobacco market rests in part on the versatility and range of devices on the market. Everyone can vape their own way, find their favourite juices or even mix their own. It is this freedom that has built the community on which vaping has grown. One of the main reasons for this is in the versatility of functions in vape devices. This includes temperature control.


    What is temperature control

    Temperature control is one of the many functions of vape devices. Once you get to the vape pen mid-level range, you’ll find that many modern variations are kitted with this unique function. In essence, temperatu ...read more

  • Delirious deals: brilliant nicotine shot bundles – at brilliant prices

    Let’s be honest, some in the vaping community were worried of what would affect restrictions in Europe on the selling of nicotine in e-liquids would have on them getting their daily nicotine hit, but then they surely weren’t reckoning on the innovation and evolution of the vaping industry.

    The changes to what can and can’t be legally sold stems from the enforcement of Article 20 of the EU’s Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) 2014. When this properly came into force in May 2017 it, therefore, made it legally binding that nicotine-containing e-liquid could only be sold in the EU to the maximum volume of 10ml in one refill container to ...read more

  • Are you a dry-hit sufferer? Burnt coils and more – and what to about them

    If you’re a seasoned vaper you’ve doubtless experienced taking a much-awaited vape only to be faced with an all-too disgusting, scorched taste – as well as an utterly unpleasant throat hit. Indeed, if you’re a seasoned vaper, you might well know what to do to put this issue right and ensure you don’t experience this incident again; but what if you do experience a dry hit and you’re not a seasoned vaper? What can you do if you’re a rookie new to the (otherwise) wonderful world of vaping…?

    Why am I getting dry hits?

    The obvious and simple question to ask yourself w ...read more

  • Izzy, wizzy, let’s get fizzy! Have your tried Mohawk & Co’s Fizzy e-juices?

    So established in the British vape juice market are Malaysian-founded Mohawk & Co. now, they may well be looked upon by their vape-happy enthusiasts on these shores just like any other hugely popular maker and distributor of high-quality vape liquid UK.

    After all, this is a company that’s won international award after international in its short history, so no wonder we, at Washington Vapes, are as delighted to sell – and focus on in this blog – their line of exciting, taste-tastic ‘Fizzy’ e-liquids as we would be any others from our favourite vape jui ...read more

  • Vape the day away: check out our All Day Vaping e-juice bundles

    Bundles, nay oodles of joy are what this exceptional array of fruity, zesty and tangy e-liquids from those awesome fellers at All Day Vaping deliver; so much so that each and every one of them can, indeed, be vaped all day long. And, speaking of bundles, here’s the lowdown on the special offers running right now at our online vapor shop UK on this line of e-juices – don’t miss out on these fantastically well priced packs of All Day Vaping’s finest, now will you?

    Please note: these shortfill e-liquids are all nicotine-free, but contained in a 60ml bottle, as ...read more

  • The future of vaping is here: meet the SMOK T-Priv mod

    It’s the natural way of things; time moves on and we all progress. That’s true of vapers just as much anyone else – in any walk of life. Take for instance what happens when a vaper – any vaper – grows tired of the restrictions cast by using their trusty but limited vape pen or standard e-cig device. Now, that bit of kit’s served the first phase in their vaping journey well, no doubt, but times change and, with them, needs and desires.

    The necessity of a reliable, personalised mod

    The vast majority of vapers want more from their equipment, in time; they want to be abl ...read more

  • Common coil problems vapers face every day – and their solutions

    Here’s a question; are you finding you’re getting through e-cig coils faster than you feel you ought to be? Or are you getting an unpleasant burnt and/ or bad taste from your vape? If so, don’t be concerned, you’re merely experiencing two of the common issues vapers come across with their coils every day of their vaping lives. Indeed, there are several varied factors that can negatively affect a coil’s lifespan (a regular coil ought to last anything from 1-3 weeks, on average) – and here then we take a look at these different factors, the problems they create and what you can do about them…

    The coil taste is unple ...read more

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