How we’re coping with the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic.

COVID-19 Coronavirus

And, what we’re doing to help our community in the current lockdown. You may think that because we’re an online retailer, we’d be less affected by the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic and the resulting lockdown. However, we also have a local convenience store, and with the panic buying crazy antics, queues, empty shelves at the big […]

What’s In An e-Cig?

E-cigs are often seen as complex machines by outsiders. With so many different models, builds, aesthetic styles and flavours, it can be difficult to truly understand what goes into one. As technology in the industry advances, more and more vape shops are coming out with designs boasting the latest innovations. It’s hard to get your head […]

Vaping in America? Proposed changes to US vaping laws

With the ongoing uncertainty surrounding Brexit, Brit-based travellers are increasingly unsure of the complexities they’ll face in the short- and longer-term when visiting other countries. However, largely, that’s when it comes to travelling to (for now, other) parts of the EU. Travelling further afield to somewhere, like, say the United States is unlikely to be […]

True Blue: Our Top Trio Of Blueberry E-Liquids

There’s no getting away from it; blueberry’s definitely among the most popular fruity flavours in the e-juice universe. Whether it’s to provide a delicious taste for a dessert-style vape liquid, a breakfast-esque e-flavour or a full-out fruity tasting vape, blueberry’s a bankable flavour that mixologists turn to again and again to sate the taste buds […]

Fast, Easy And Safe: Why Vaping’s Favoured By CBD Consumers

There’s no getting away from it; vaping has become increasingly popular over the last 10 years – to an almost dizzying degree. And, aside from the fact vapers themselves are a common sight on streets throughout the world, a good indicator of its phenomenal popularity is that, more and more, it’s being turned to for […]

Fair Play For The Vaper: Finally, A Pro-Vaping Life Insurance Policy?

If you’ve been a smoker in the past – and, frankly, if you’re a seasoned vaper today with your own signature e liquid, there’s a decent chance you once were; perhaps recently at that – then you may well be aware that taking out life insurance when hooked on tobacco-packed cigarettes isn’t a cheap business. Yes, […]

Incredible Chemicals: The Ingredients That Make Up An E-Liquid

Making e-liquid is not a fast and simple process; it takes time and patience. That’s, in part, because the ingredients that make up each e-liquid concoction take time and care to put together. They need to be carefully combined, measured and blended. But what are these ingredients – and why, on their own and together, […]

In It To Win It? The Vaping Off-Shoot That’s Cloud Chasing

If you’re a novice vaper, you’ll have probably heard about it; even if you’re not a vaper, you may have likely seen it. It’s cloud chasing and it’s a particular type of vaping that’s becoming increasingly popular, right across the world. Yes, as the activity, the hobby, the community, the culture that’s vaping has grown […]

The Source Of All Power: The Ins And Outs Of Vape Batteries

All e-cig devices are powered by batteries to be found inside the device, which are capable of being charged over and over – and so used again over and over. Mechanically speaking, an e-cigarette battery’ a simple thing; the battery operates in a device by powering the tank/ clearomiser’s coil whose generated heat, in turn, […]