Best Selling Vape Mods At Washington Vapes

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Vape mods are a dime a dozen these days, that’s why it’s always a good idea to know where to find the bestsellers at any store. At Washington Vapes UK we pride ourselves in selling only the best the industry has to offer, and we’ve had a good time separating the storms from the drizzle. Below are some of our favourite vape devices on the market, and what features have made them stand out for us. Whether you’re a seasoned cloud chaser or are new to vaping, these mods will float your boat.

What is a box mod?

First off, lets have a look at what makes a box mod so special in the first place.

A box mod, named after the boxy shape of most devices, are vape mods which use a regulate electronic circuit, allowing you to play with the electric power surging through the coil, and therefore the kind of vape hit you’re getting. Often coming with a tank attached, the box mod gives you variable wattage or voltage dials as well as an LED screen. Using the formula of ohm’s law – Current = voltage / resistance, means that you can find the perfect power settings to help you find your vaping sweet spot. Although this is a general gage for most box mods, there are plenty out there with unique shapes and styles to suit your specific needs.

Vapor Storm Box Mod Puma 200W

This lightweight mod may be small in size, but its 200-watt limit really packs a punch. With variable wattage AND temperature controls, the world is your oyster in regard to changing up your vape output and clouds. Made from ABS plastic, the durable Puma gives a wide range of intense designs, giving you the chance to personalise to your hearts content. What’s more, the bypass settings of the Puma allow you use the mod like a mechanical mod, promising more power in a pocket-sized graffiti embellished ball of fun!

Sigelei Vcigo Moon Box Mod with Moonshot RDTA

This grungy design pocket mod is the perfect vaper’s companion. If you’re looking for a hefty 200-watt variable voltage vaping power, then Sigelei is the one for you. This one is perfect for the cloud chasers among us, the hefty wattage giving you the chance to experience some of the purest clouds out there. Pack that in with a range of colourful designs and a vivid tin box and you have a great value box mod with heaps of character.

IJoy Captain PD270 Box Mod

Coming with a range of alluring snakeskin exterior designs, the Ijoy Captain is the perfect vape device for your cloud chasing needs. With a stellar 234-watt output, the larger than usual Ijoy Captain will really pack a punch. What’s more, the large screen means that all your energy outputs will be there loud and clear to read. With temperature control settings and sub ohm vaping potential, you’ll be in for treat with the Ijoy.

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