Best Pod Mods And E Cig Starter Kits Of 2017

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When it comes to starting out vaping we all want the best there is. Here are the sure-fire throat hits this year.

Vaping tech changes every year. Whatever the e juice in the Uk your blasting out, nothing will taste the same if you don’t have the best kits. This goes especially for the vape novices looking for the perfect place to start when it comes to vaping. The vape liquid possibilities span far and wide but there are only a certain number of devices which will truly satisfy, the mix of power, adaptability and user control all factoring in to a make or break vaping experience.

2017 has seen some great new innovations, from double drip coil sauce to the new nic salts hitting the market. But what were the device hits of the year?

Starter kit highlights

Starter kits are the perfect way to introduce a beginner to the world of vaping. Starter kits incorporating simple to use charging kits and easy functions whilst keeping the vape hits mild enough for a beginner to get used to. No fancy mechanical mods here, just plain and simple vape devices.

Halo G6 ecig starter kit

With a combination of strong flavours, nicotine level flexibility and auto or manual battery choices, the Halo G6 starter kit is great for its versatile range of colours and cartridges. With its high-class flavours and a range of clearomisers and mini tanks to choose from, this is a great way for anyone new to vaping to touch on just how wide-ranging vaping can be. With flavours such as Belgian cocoa, Malibu and Tribeca, you can be sure that the Halo G6 starter kit will take you by the hand and have you diving deep into vape flavour heaven.

Kandypens Feather

This pocket friendly design is small and portable and is great for beginners due to the lack of buttons to press. Simply pick up and go, and allow the comfy rubber finish to fit firmly in your hand. The vapor production is efficient and strong whilst the vape liquid versatility knows no bounds. With 2ml pods and a great value lifetime warranty, you can be sure of a satisfying device which will last you an age.


This discrete and lightweight starter kit is a beautiful ceramic design feat which doubles up as a go to for seasoned vapers. The kit allows for people to experience a smooth vaping experience and a vape pen design for ex-smokers to make the transition.

Pod mods

With no coil swapping, pod mods are easy to use and are great for beginners due to their use of pod cartridges, discarding the faff of pipetting your liquid into tanks.

Aspire Gusto Mini

With a range of vape juice companies supplying this lightweight device with easy to slot bottles, you’ll have a massive range of devices to choose from. If you’re looking for a concise vape experience, the Aspire Gusto is the go to, especially as its solid lightweight 78 gram build will have it lasting for years.

My. Von Erl Pod Mod

This is discreet pod vaping at its best. The miniscule size just shows how even a small vape device with a mini USB charging kit can really pack a punch when it comes to vape flavour. On top of this, you can find a range of great flavours, the stand out fan favourite being the Bourbon caramel flavour.

Eleaf iCare 2

The evolution of an already popular pod mod, the Eleaf has a soothing and tasty flavour to it despite its short battery life. This one is great for beginners looking for that mild vape hit. Everything you need is in the name with the iCare.

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