Best New Vape Juices For You

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Here’s a lowdown of some of our favourite e juice flavours for you to try. 

It can be incredibly difficult for a vaper to know where to start. There’s simply so many flavours out there you may feel overwhelmed at first, especially if you are a first time vape tryer. That’s both the beauty and the problem with vaping, there’s simply so much choose from. Not just with our premium e liquids either, the amount of devices out there mean that any vaper new to the game will have a hard time choosing what is right for them. Whilst the choices are near endless, we know that that as a first timer there are a few flavours which will suit you, whether you’re an ex-smoker or simply a vape fan. With that in mind these flavours will also compliment first time vapers starter kit devices due to their simplicity of use and full flavours, making you feel like a kid in a candy shop!


Tobacco flavours are some of the most popular for first time vapers. The earthy bitter throwback for ex-smokers will give you the satisfying nicotine hit you need alongside a range of new twists on the tobacco flavour. Many tobacco flavour e juices come with an authentic taste from some of your favourite tobaccos, including Danish pipe tobacco and even honey drenched numbers. The main throughline with all the varieties of tobacco flavour e liquids is that they are made with ingredients you would often find in tobacco. That could be vanilla tinged numbers or it could even be menthol, giving you that cool breath of fresh air you remember so fondly from your menthol smoking days. The beauty of it is is that it tastes better than cigarettes, with next to none of the toxic chemicals. 


Cheesecake is a very popular flavour juice. The reason for this is that cheesecakes are made from a range of ingredients which, when mixed together create a finely balanced mixture of biscuit, cream and toffee or vanilla flavours. Some of these notes will be more noticeable on the inhale, others on the exhale, making this flavour very returnable indeed. That’s one of the great things about vaping recipe flavoured juices as opposed to singular ingredients, it’s only through returning to it that you pick up the complex array of flavours, almost as good as the cooking itself. 


Apple is a crisp and cool fruit flavour which is very returnable indeed. The best thing about vaping is that it can be cool and crisp, just as the fruit is, making it one of the easiest flavours to replicate in vape juices. Part of this is due to the vape device itself, the dense clouds and smooth vape flow, well, at least from the good devices, will mean that you’ll have no trouble at all imagining your biting into a ripe braeburn, or granny smith for that matter. On that note, you can now find authentic replicas of the different apples out there. Vape companies have clocked onto the fact that each type has its own distinct taste and cater to those with a fine tuned apple palette.


Whether a singular berry or mixed, you can expect to find a forest fruit flavour vape ripe with possibilities. These juices often come out sweet and tart, great for the first time vaper looking to experience their favourite fruit. What’s more, there are many mixes of berries and other ingredients, the fruit being well matched for e liquid medleys.

So what are you waiting for? The world is your oyster.

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