Are You An Ex-Smoker? Here Are The Best Flavours For You

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Vaping was first created for the purpose of smoking cessation, and there are still flavours out there to help you quit.

Since Hon Lik’s first design, e cigarettes have been used by many people to help them quit smoking. These first e cigarettes had a very limited number of vape flavours, being used in disposable cartridges which may have had a high nicotine content, but were also very wasteful. Nowadays, you can find a far more diverse range of vape flavours and in a seemingly infinite range of flavours. Whether it’s candy or hot chocolate in a vape hit you’re after, you name it and a vape juice company out there will probably have it in an e liquid flavour. Nevertheless, there are still vapers out there who are after a blast from the past and so there are many premium e liquids which still cater to ex-smokers, in a range of flavours which will no doubt satisfy that nostalgic nicotine craving.


Tobacco flavour vape juices are often focused on different tobacco types. For a smooth hit of rolling tobacco, then virginia blends are popular. Other flavours resemble those of famous cigarette brands as well, giving you a subtle move away from the debilitating effects of tobacco but still having the taste you remember. These flavours are often far more vivid than anything tobacco could give you, allowing for subtle earthy nuts of nut and caramel. Whether you’re new to vaping or yare a flavour connoisseur who is yet to try tobacco flavours, these act as a good antidote to the often sweet flavours of vape juice. The bitterness acts as a breath of fresh air to the candy and baked good flavours usually attributed to vaping. 


Menthol cigarettes would often mask the chemicals and carcinogens prevalent in tobacco smoke. It wouldn’t make the cigarettes less dangerous though, and a great alternative is the far less dangerous menthol flavour vape juices. If you’re looking for a great range of vape juices which give you a refreshing lift, menthol and mint flavoured juices are the ones for you. You can also find many other flavours which incorporate menthol into them, whether that be berries or grapes, or even chocolate flavours.

Cream and cereal

For a get up and go vape flavour which will lift you out of the tobacco game, moreish cereal and cream flavour juices will give you a taste of the sweet life, These juices are authentic in their flavourings, bringing you your favourite cereals and will no doubt have you wondering why you didn’t start vaping earlier!


What goes better with a cigarette than a coffee? Now with the range of coffee flavour vape juices on the market, you can get that nicotine hit and a fresh cuppa all in one. These flavours are often focused on different coffee flavours such as lattes or cappuccino, bringing with them a focus on depth and subtle notes of nut, honey and often caramel. If it’s a new flavour which bucks the cigarette trend, then coffee flavours are often a good place, acting as an open door into the wide world of vape flavours.

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