Are you a dry-hit sufferer? Burnt coils and more – and what to about them

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If you’re a seasoned vaper you’ve doubtless experienced taking a much-awaited vape only to be faced with an all-too disgusting, scorched taste – as well as an utterly unpleasant throat hit. Indeed, if you’re a seasoned vaper, you might well know what to do to put this issue right and ensure you don’t experience this incident again; but what if you do experience a dry hit and you’re not a seasoned vaper? What can you do if you’re a rookie new to the (otherwise) wonderful world of vaping…?

Why am I getting dry hits?

The obvious and simple question to ask yourself when you suffer a dry hit; especially several of them. And the number one reason why you might well be experiencing dry hits is pretty much equally as simple – your device’s tank is empty or depleted. It’s down to the tank’s atomiser to heat up the e-juice and transform it into vapour but, when there’s not enough liquid in the tank, then the coil’s wicking material won’t be re-saturated with excess juice from the tank; this then heats up the coil, so much so that as opposed to vaporising the liquid, it’ll simply burn the cotton (or alternative wicking material).

Mind you, should your tank be fully topped up with juice, poor priming could instead by the dry hit cause. It’s always important, therefore, to prime your coil correctly when its newly installed; especially with high-powered sub-ohm coils. Priming requires you to drip a little e-juice on to the wick until the latter appears saturated – following that you’re all good. See, easy.

Chain-vaping, however, may cause dry-hit problems too. Going hit after hit without a pause ensures the wick simply doesn’t get enough of a break to absorb more vape juice, which means there won’t be enough liquid to vaporise the coil properly so the dry coil will eventually burn; thus, resulting in that unpleasant dry hit taste. Finally, should you be a dry-hits sufferer, it could be indicative of your coil simply being burnt out, not least if that bad taste just doesn’t go away. If you’re experiencing a really bad burnt taste – especially one that seems to be getting worse and worse – then this, no doubt, will be the cause of your problem.

How will I actually know if the coil’s burnt out?

Well, as noted, it’s all about consistency here. If, whatever you try to do, you just can’t shake that burnt taste then a burnt-out coil’s going to be what you’re dealing with here. And, like it or not, a burnt coil often occurs when you try vaping too long on low or empty tanks, at the wrong wattage, having not primed the coil properly or you’ve been continually chain-vaping. That said, sometimes coil heads aren’t as long-lasting as they might be and simply don’t last (the wire may have been fried of the wicking material’s taken on as much e-liquid as it’s been able to before becoming too gunked up with the stuff). The solution for a burnt-out coil is simple and fundamental – replace it with a new one from a well-reviewed vape shop UK.

How do I avoid a burnt coil and/ or dry hit?

The billion-dollar question, right? Well, it’s imperative to make sure you always top off your tank; that means ensuring the e-liquid level in your tank not drop below the wicking that’s visible – or at least as much as you can. Additionally, it’s crucial you prime your coils, check the device’s airflow and always check the wattage. Ideally, you ought to avoid chain-vaping too; it’s good practice to allow your device to rest a little between hits as it helps the wick from burning. Finally, keep in mind how long it’s been since you removed the last coil and replaced it with the current – could you do with replacing coils again now? If you beginning to get the slightest bit of a burnt taste in your vape, your best bet’s to change the coil.

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