All You Need To Know About Temperature Control Vaping

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For many people who are new to vaping, a standard vape pen will do just fine. The smooth draw from the vape device will lead to a satisfying hit. You know what you’re going to get each time, the vape hit being both comforting as it’s the same each time. However, once you continue on your vape journey and learn the ins and outs a little more you’ll find that vaping has a whole new world to it. Vape devices have the ability to be tailored and personalised to your needs as a vape enthusiast, and finding the right temperature controls for you can mean updating your device to something a little more complex. If all of this sounds like jargon then perhaps you’re not ready for the vape update everyone’s talking about, and if you’d like to learn more then all you’ll need to know to get started with vaping and temperature control is below.

What is temperature control?

With most vape companies having their own temperature control devices on the market, it’s hard to get away from them. A temperature control accessory on a vape device means that you can keep the temperature as cool or as hot as you like. Many vapers will suffer from dry hits, and finding the right balance which suits you and doesn’t burn out the wick can be difficult without temperature control settings. With no sensors involved, temperature control mods instead monitor the resistance of devices coil and will adjust the settings, reducing or opening airflow to stop it overheating and thus leading to a smoother vape hit.

Why do we need TC?

In study published in May 2014, various e-liquids were tested at different voltages. The higher the voltage it seems, the more carbonyls, harmful chemical from burnt matter would be found in the vapour. The hotter the vape device, the more wick was burnt leading to a less clean and tasty hit. Temperature control will lead to fewer pollutants in our vape devices and a lot more satisfaction. This has led to the creation of Nickel and chrome coils, which are better at fending off high temperatures which could lead to the dreaded dry hit.

Should I invest in temperature control?

So what sort of vaper are you and will it be a good idea for to cash out that little extra for temperature control settings. Whether you like you vape hot or cool, whether you’re new to the hobby or a seasoned veteran, there will be some points to consider before you invest.


Investing in temperature control settings can cost that little extra. Whilst it could be good quality, there’s a lot out there to choose from. On top of this, if you’re vaping with a lower powered device, you may never actually reach a temperature where dry hits could affect you. This makes them less useful for the beginner vaper, who is confined to vaping vape juice in the UK with starter kits and cigalikes.


As mentioned before, the temperature control settings do lead to a smoother and more satisfying vape hit, especially for a vaper with more sensitive tastes. In other words, temperature control settings are best for those who know what they’re looking for and what will really be worth cashing out that little extra for.

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