A Beginners Guide To E-Cig Coils

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For vape beginners, it’s always a good idea to familiarise yourself with some of the kit and terminology which comes with it, especially when so many terms are used to define multiple parts. Knowing your way around a mod tank and how to change your vape juice UKis a must for anyone who wants to get vaping on the go and independently of any help. Vape devices can therefore, come with a whole new manual of terms you’re not accustomed to, and getting to grips bit by bit is all part of the process. That’s why we’re starting with the e-cig coil, a piece of the vape device which is often overlooked due to is small size but more than makes up for it in its crucial part to play in the devices electrical system.

What is a coil?

A coil, not to be mixed up with an atomizer head which is often also referred to as a coil, is the part of the e cigarette which heats up the vape juice inside your tank. The coil is a piece of wire, twisted around the e-cigarettes wicking material. This coil is often made from copper wire or other conductive metals, and is connected to the battery on one end and the atomiser head on the other. Due to the wire being electrically heated by the battery and the wick being in contact with it, the vape juice is heated up and evaporated for consumption by the e cig user. The coil therefore, is the main heating appliance of the entire device, the small piece of wire being the only thing between a satisfying vape hit and a useless lump of plastic and metal.

Priming a coil is a method used to ensure that the cotton inside a coil is fully saturated, reducing the chances of getting a dry hit. Properly priming an e-cigarette coil can provide you with an overall better vaping experience and potentially even prolong the life of a coil.

How to install your coil

A coil can be installed when the old one has become too old and inefficient. You can usually tell when you need to install a new a coil when the saturation level of the vape device has become too low. This is usually noticeable when you can taste burning when inhaling your vape juice UK or you can see a dramatic lack of taste in your vape juice.

To install your coil, place it in your tank like normal. If you have an open top-coil then pipette a modest amount of e liquid onto the foil underneath it till you can visibly see it saturated. Once this is done, fill your tank with e liquid and reattach the battery. At this point you’ll want to take a few puffs on the e-cig whilst it is turned off; making sure that the saturated e-juice is in place, getting the inner mechanisms working. Once you’ve done this, give your e-cigarette up to 10 minutes so it can saturate the vape juice completely.

Vape devices without open top coils can be primed by placing some drops of vape juice onto the wick holes. These are usually located to the side of the coil.

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