6 Nicotine No No’s For New Vapers

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Vaping is often seen as an easy skill to pick up. Whilst it is easy and manageable to transition into, there are still a few points to watch out for when first getting started.

Vaping has really taken off in the last decades, leaving tobacco users in a cloud of smoke in its wake. This has meant that vape devices have become ever more popular and are being used by people of all backgrounds and electrical proficiency. Whilst vaping is designed to be easy to pick up, especially with the all-inclusive starter kits and simple to use cigalikes, there can still be problems you encounter along the way which might leave the vaping newbie perplexed. Below are some of the mistakes you could encounter when you first swap the cigs for the e juice.

Careless or sporadic ape charging

Charging your vape device is incredibly important for a satisfying vape hit time after time. It can be difficult to regulate at first, but once you get used to the daily charges and have got a feel of your specific vape devices battery life in relation o your usage, you’ll get into the routine easily enough. Regular monitoring of your battery life will defend against over charging and wasting electricity, as well as ensuring that you’re never in a position where your device goes dead in the middle of session.

Find the right nicotine level

Everyone has a different tolerance, and with so much choice coming from the 3 to 20 mg prefill ranges and the seemingly endless possibilities of the short fill, you can easily under or overdose on nicotine. Ensure that your nicotine intake matches your needs, or risk heightened cravings and/or nausea.

Smoker-like inhales

There are two main inhaling styles: direct to lung and mouth to lung. Most complex mods are direct to lung, meaning that the vapour bypasses the mouth and is inhaled straight into the lungs, much like sucking the air out of a balloon. Mouth to lung is usually reserved for the PG heavy and less powerful vape devices and is the most like smoking, making it the first point of entry for vape beginners.

Investing in a box mod before your ready

As mentioned above, most first time vapers are likely to go for a device which is similar to a cigarette. Box mods are complex, and for a first timer, might feel alien to an ex-smoker. Ask in store at your local UK vapor shop for the ideal starter kit for your needs.

Shoddy vape maintenance

Making sure that your vape device is in good condition is key to satisfied vapers. If you own a box mod, whether regulated or not, you will still need to clean and maintain your atomisers, tanks, coils and cotton, otherwise face a less than satisfying vape inhale.

Shoddy juice maintenance

With steeping and DIY vaping on the rise, there is a lot more vape juice maintenance which is needed than one would think. Whether it’s the steeping process, vape storage, whether long term or short term, vape enjoyment will only come if you keep your juices as juicy as possible.

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