Trouble Shooting

Common Questions and their Answers

Why won't my appliance switch on?

Please ensure that your battery is connected and fully charged some batteries can take upto 8 hours. Please read the instructions.

Some appliances need to be switched on and activated by clicking the button 5 times.

Why won't my battery charge?

This may be due to a connection problem. First using a cotton bud try and clean the contacts between that battery and the charger.

Why isn't my battery lighting up?

Please ensure that you have deactivated the 5 click saftey system

Why is my battery getting hot?

If the battery is getting too hot, something maybe wrong. Ensure that batteries are kept out of direct sunlight and well away from other sources of heat.

Always ensure that you charge your applaince with the charger supplied with it. Do not use phone chargers as the voltage may not be suitable for your applaince’s battery. This can lead to fires or even EXPLOSIONS!

Why is my appliance leaking?

It is most likely that you have been drawing on your appliance too hard or to fast, resulting in excess liquid being transferred into the atomiser. This excess liquid then leaks as it cannot be turned into vapour fast enough.


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